Tuesday, February 14, 2012


FEBRUARY 14, 2012


Yesterday and today the Medical team really focused on getting Robert off
the ventilator.  We made good progress yesterday, but it is a give and
take process made up of baby steps. Every other aspect of his health is
stable and normal; we just now have to get him strong enough to deal
with the cancer.

Robert's valentines Mary, Madeline, Emily, Keith, Carlton and Jocelyn
are all good as we settle into a routine and try to take up day to day
activities. Gnat's Landing and Bubba Garcia’s continue 
to be the favorite of locals and visitors as the staff steps up to prove to 
Boz they can “do it” in his brief absence!

The sincerity of the visits and email continues to be overwhelming.
It is interesting how many people know Boz and therefore he must
remember them! You all know this because he treats everyone that
way, when in fact no one could remember this many people.

It’s fun seeing the competition of who can bring the "best" food.  I guess
they think they might earn a spot on Gnats menu! There are too many
people to call out by name but THANKS for everything!

Please try and check before you come by the hospital or send food.
Mary and Robert's good friend, Lucy Thomas, has taken on managing
the food schedule, so thanks go to Lucy. 

At this time Robert can’t have visitors. 
He has done well with some visitors up until now, but he really needs to stay calm
thru the ventilator weaning process.  You know he might to try
and communicate or tell a joke.

Robert's buddy, Father Goose, from his toy store even got in on the act.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Please tell your friends to keep up with Robert through 
www.gnatslanding.com, then click the link Boz's Buzz. 
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Glad to see you are posting updates. Give Boz my best, Michele Beveridge

  2. I know that many prayers are going out for Boz & the family & will continue until he gets better and is back to being the host with MOST again...

  3. When I moved to St Simons Island 18 yrs ago from a suburb in Chicago, my son was 2-yrs old and this was and still is paradise to us. Father Goose toy store was the first store we visited, Pete and Boz welcomed us and let us play EVERY DAY with the monkey outside and the toys inside. Coming from Chicago,we were shocked at their friendliness and appreciated it. Thank you Boz, we are thinking of you (smg)

  4. Thank you for the updates! Thinking of Boz every day. So glad he's working on getting off the ventilator. Sending prayers and good thoughts. Fred Griffith

  5. Thank you for the updates. We are thinking bout you Boz..Get better-chili cook-off is coming up!
    Griffin & Natalie