Sunday, February 12, 2012


FERBRUARY 12, 2012


It’s Sunday and Robert is having a better day. Mary’s Brother Bud was
a huge help today and conferred with 4 different Drs concerning every
aspect of Robert's treatment. The Drs decided to put another chest
tube in his right side and the remaining fluid drained immediately.

There is no more specific information about the cancer because the
tests are very complicated and weekends are slow in the hospital.

It is great seeing so many people Robert knows, from high school
friends, kids he taught, and former employees. We had a great visit with our brother Cliff
today, and all the kids are here too.

Thanks to all the Docs that have come out on a Saturday!  Thanks to Dr Jones (cardiologist),
Dr. Scott (thoracic surgeon), Dr. Sudduth (ICU Pulmonary), Dr.Reynolds
(radiology) and Mary’s Brother Dr. Hamrick!!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Love you Boz!! I have you all in my thoughts and prayers to get through this.

  2. Robert, if anybody can pull this off, you can. A few weeks ago we saw Ralph Williams and he said when he comes back to the island, you will gather your Brunswick High buddies for a reunion at Gnats. Looking forward to the party!

    Indeed there are many of your former colleagues who are cheering and praying from the sidelines.
    Camille Penders and Edith Smoak

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Boz is VERY special to a lot of people. It sounds like his support team is doing a great job. Having been through similar surgery, knowledge is power and so is family and friends support. I know Boz can handle the challenge. Hugs from SSI. Fred Griffith

  4. Thanks for the kind words y'all!