Thursday, February 9, 2012


FEBRUARY 9, 2012


As many of you have heard “Boz” is in the hospital. A week ago he had
what was thought to be a sinus infection. While there they discovered a
heart rate of 160 BPM. He went to the cardiologist and was treated for
pericardia which usually results from some type of infection. He had a
number of tests and was treated with medication. Over last weekend
and into Sunday he had sudden increase in fluid in his chest cavity and
was admitted to the hospital on Monday morning (Feb 6, 2012). On
Tuesday the fluid had built up so much he struggled to breathe on
his own so they drained the heart sack and put him on a ventilator
that night. They have sent the fluid for culture and testing to try and
determine its origin. Yesterday he was stable but is completely sedated.
Last night they continued to remove fluid with a tube and diuretics.
Today Feb 9, 2012 the Dr’s see some slight improvement but he is still
heavily sedated.

The Dr’s believe the most likely cause is some type of infection but have
said it is possible they may never exactly know. The Dr’s are all dialed
in and keeping us informed. They expect him to recover but he is very

If you are worried that we are bored sitting in the waiting room-WORRY
NO MORE! Since 7AM this morning 2 supervisors in uniform have
exhausted themselves for the last 6 hours trying to decide where to
place the new signage such as RESTROOM, WAITING, and ELEVATORS.
I am attaching examples of the new and old because several of us got lost trying to make our way the 20 feet to these locations and your input is desired. Once the location decisions were made a team of
painters, adhesive experts and sheet rockers descended just in time
for lunch. 

They are now back and at it in earnest and I must say it is
exhausting work! I mean come on folks are hurting in America not to
mention right down the hall, I wish I ran this hospital!!

On behalf of the Boz family, your out pouring of support is
overwhelming and appreciated. We will try and post something on the
web site each day until Boz comes home.

On a lighter note, “git yo ass down to Gnats and have a meal cuz Boz is
standing at the end of the bar watching”!


  1. Praying for Boz to get well and come back and stand @ the end of the bar for real !